Services I Offer:

Web Development

Need a simple WordPress website for your small business? I’ll develop a website for you, and manage the process of setting up and maintaining that website (hosting and domain name included).

This project will always begin with a sit-down meeting, where we’ll discuss the needs of your business. It might include taking a design you already have, and implementing it, or else I can do up the design for you.

After development, I am also able to look after all of the technical activities required to keep a website up and running, including managing domain and hosting.

IT Repairs & Maintenance

Have a computer that has stopped working, or maybe is just slowing down? I am able to do maintenance and repair on computers, as well as setting up and configuring appliances and networks.

This service might include something as simple as fixing a printer, or might be as complex as resourcing and installing a new network for the office. Either way, I’m happy to help.

Data Handling Systems

Have a small business or club? Keeping track of a heap of information? I am are able to develop systems to help minimise the effort of keeping track of all that.

This service is particularly useful for organisations who are looking after large amounts of information, or who are taking in information from different sources and want those sources merged into one database.

Examples might include:

  • A company who wants to pull in invoice data from several sites, and compile them into one set
  • A mid-sized company who has a database which they want to be accessible by multiple people from the web
  • A company who has a large amount of data, and who want to process that data and pull key statistics from it